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Shanghai ShenFa Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan enterprises, the Taiwan company was founded in 1977, is Taiwan's leading food processing machinery factory. The majority of customers to provide  quality and efficient service, in 2000 the establishment of Shanghai Shen Machinery Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, specializing in design and manufacture of food processing machinery, meat processing machines, surimi equipment, fish meal equipment, fish dumplings device , automatic frying machine, high-speed cutting and mixing machines, vacuum-speed chopping machines, automatic boiling machine, vacuum oil, fish, tofu tunnel steam line, beater, vacuum and surface machines, and fish balls, pork balls , fish bean pay, crab foot rods and other quick-frozen food processing equipment, is Taiwan's most professional food processing, excellent meat processing, frozen food processing machinery factory, machinery quality, product sales throughout the country, and more for export to the United States, Canada Britain, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Japan and other countries in the world. The main parts of the machine body and all the manufacturing excellent quality in Taiwan, and to provide efficient service. Sincere welcome to contact the guidance, and work together.